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Our services  H. E. L. P. S.

Health and Wellness Consultation

• Cleansing and Detoxifying the Body, Mind and Spirit

• Strengthening  Body, Mind and Spirit

• Rebuilding and Repairing  Cellular and Energy Function

• Essential Oils 

• Herbals

Personal Subtle Energy Products

• Electronic Instruments for Health and Wellness 


Energy and Stress Management-    Personal and Environmental

• Energy Clearing

• Personal Subtle Energy Products

• Relaxation and De-stress Techniques

• Divine/GOD Centered Meditations and focused prayers

 Life and Relationship Facilitator

• Intuition, Empathy, Non-verbal Communication

• Establishing and building relationships

• Parent-Child relationship, family dynamics

• Spousal Relationships

• Friend Relationships

• Business relationships and dynamics of the workplace


Personal Dynamics

  • Words
  • Thoughts
  • Motives
  • Intentions
  • Dreams and Desires


Spiritual Dynamics

  • Having a new New Mind
  • SPIRIT filled life
  • Setting One's Day
  • Path and Purpose
  • Foundation Truth
  • Universal Laws

Life Style

Lessons and experiences

Benefit or without benefit

Choices made vs choices to be made

Decision vs choice; Thoughts vs actions

The unique and amazing you

Harmony of Soul, Spirit and Essence

The Power of Words

Spirit and SPIRIT

Living with Purpose

Living on Purpose: Choosing to Live

Eating and Foods

Essential Oils

Herbal teas

Daily Bread

Love Filled foods

Prebiotics & Probiotics

Alchemy of Food preparation and combination

Alkaline and acidic foods

Nutrient dense foods

Enzymes and digestive agents 

Digestion and food processing

The Health of your Gut

Aging and Nutrition

Seasons in life

Ancestor connection

You and your DNA 

Before you were born

When I was a baby

A child's life

White: the writing of life

Gray: Mold-able shape-able yet to be formed  Tin 12-15

Black  iron  strong.. sure of everything 15-21

Red  Rose  Love passion dreaming  21-37

Brass:  Time of spirituality, world in variance 37-49

Silver:  understanding that all things have a place 50-63

Gold: when wisdom makes since 63- 83

Platinum:  The passing on of wisdom with the understanding that some will be learned  83+

Age of beginning: 7-12

Age of decision: 12-16

Age of discovery: 16-21

Age of exploration:  21-33

Age of revelation: 33-47

Age of relevance: 47-63 

Age of passing of wisdom: 63-83

The opening road of transition: 83- 103

The continuing journey: 103+

Your personal ecosystems

Growing more nutritious foods

Home: Plants and Animals

Better Home Better Life

Purpose and place for everything

Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Aether and Plasma

Microbes: for you or against you


Sustainable living

The energy around you



Stories: Things to think about

Giving and receiving Love

You are a jewel

The emotions that build your world

The courts of heaven

Powers and principalities 

perspective and illusions

You are what you think

You are what you eat

You are you

Time and time to say good bye

Love and Sorrow

Life Lesson and Bitterness

desolation and despair

victim, survivor, thriving

burden or blessing

Looking at the world

Seeing others where they are

Filters and biases

Forces within you



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