Elemental Healing


Bring back into balance the physical and energetic component that we are made of , this balance can be disturbed by electromagnetics, strong energy sources and fear or emotional trauma.

Overview of the Elements:


  • Earth: Grounding, continuity and stability
  • Wind: Dreams, forward motion and movement
  • Water: Flow, adaptability and maneuverability
  • Fire: Passion, drive fortitude and tenacity
  • Aether: Flow in change and choices

Earth - Grounded

Earth Balanced

Grounding your spirit, body and essence

You are Grounded

You are without being shaken easily or confused or upset.

Earth Unbalanced

Hampered connection and continuity

Con affect responsibility

Throws off equilibrium and balance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

It the balance is too far off or askew the person may suffer a complete collapse.

Imbalanced Earth


  • Flighty- not able to ground. Stay and sitting still is hard
  • Crumbled-not able to keep track of conversation, seem to be always in the process of falling apart. Continuity begins to slip.
  • Midair(floating)- Not connected to everyday activities. A loss of goal orientation. It is almost impossible for them to be still.
  • Implosion- Break down, zero connection, loss of reality, feel like they are floating.

Wind- Soaring

Wind Balanced

Dreams are on target

Forward motion is constant

Future is seen as something exciting and bright

Wind Unbalanced

Dreams are intermittent

Dreams not believed in or connect into a plan to make them real

Forward motion is hampered and inconsistent

Future is uncertain, cloudy and feared

Imbalance of Wind

  • Gusty- unable to find the current, dreams become unstable, forward motion begins to slow, future becomes less appealing 
  • Windy- blown about, no set course, dreams failing, future becoming “iffy”
  • Gale- dreams off course, forward motion only with great effort, future is bleak
  • Whirlwind- dreams are shattered, forward motion ceases, future is terrifying 

Water - Liquid and Flowing

Water Balanced

Adapting is easy

liquidity/flexibility of movement and spirit

Conflict in minimal

Problems are seen as things to be resolved¢Obstacles are easy to maneuver around

Water Unbalanced

Difficult and hard to adapt

Liquidity is hampered and takes lots of energy

Conflicts are frequent

Obstacles hamper the way. No ability to flow around them.

Imbalanced Water

  • Murky- Liquidity lessened, adaptability is harder and less frequent requires more energy, obstacles and problems become more challenging to deal with
  • Stagnate- liquidity requires energy, like moving through quick sand, adaptability is inconsistent, conflict, problems and obstacles become insurmountable
  • Muddy- liquidity is exhausting, adaptability becomes unbearable, conflicts/problems are mystifying 
  • Sludge(swampy)- Liquidity is non existent, adaptability is not present, problems and obstacles are terrifying.

Fire- Ignited

Fire Balanced

Passion is balanced by reason

Emotions by logic

Drive is consistent and in constructive forward motion.

Fire Unbalanced

Passion is stronger than reason

Emotions and logic are out of balance

Drive is inconsistent and multi-focused

imbalanced Fire

  • Sputtering-passion and reason are inconsistent, emotions and logic are beginning to war, drive begins to falter
  • Roaring- passion is chaotic, reason is intermittent, emotions begin to destabilize. Logic falls out of place. Drive is hampered.
  • Raging: - passion burns and verges on madness, reason begins to fall away, emotions are unstable. Logic looses its mooring. Drive slows to a crawl
  • Anti-fire- passion is now madness, reason becomes lost, emotion are out of control, logic is with out mercy and drive reverses 

Aether- Change

Aether Balanced

Change is expected and appreciated

Movement through life is fun

Flowing through the occurrences is easy

Aether Unbalanced

Change is explosive and unpredictable

Life is hard 

Flow is not understood

Imbalanced Aether

Unstable- Change is not wanted, Life is inconsistent, flow becomes less available

Slowed- Change is unexpected, Life is unpredictable, flow is hampered

Crawling- Change is feared, Life is hard, flow becomes a mystery.

Frozen- Change is explosive and terrifying, life is unwanted, flow is lost.

Revealing your elements

  • We will center.
  • From that space we will ask God to show us our elements, 
  • We will note this information for later 
  • Then we will as God to help us to connect more deeply. 
  • After we have spent a few minutes there with each one we will return from our meditation and discuss it.


If we are acquainted with every part of us and God is our cornerstone, then any dream is possible… Author unknown