House and Home

Spiritual Clearing and Blessing


· Are you excessively drowsiness in a room not designed for sleep?

· Do you feel uncomfortable in certain rooms?

· Do you have a feeling that you cannot relax in your home?

·  Do you have unexplained pain or headaches?

·  Is there a continuous chaos?

· Are you not able to sleep in rooms designed for sleep?

·  Is there unexplained behavior changes with animals and/or children in your home?

· Is there a lack of productivity, not able to get things done? 

·  Is there unexplained buzzing or sound disturbances causing  disorientation and weakness

·  Do you feel that you are bombarded with unexplained continuous negative thoughts that seem to have no basis in this reality? 


Home and Business Blessings

•Bring abundance and blessing to your home

•Creator of All's presence

• Protection


Energy Analysis and Re-balanced

•Analyze the geographical energy

•Identify unbalanced sources of energy

•Provide methods of re-balancing energy


Peace and Harmony of the Home

•Identifing Spiritual Heritage and Legacy

•Bringing to Peace Spiritual Unrest

•Restoring Historical Harmony 


Home/Room Functionality

•Identify the energy function of each room

•Mapping the rooms in your home for optimal functionality

•Reliable, flexible and easy to intergrate




From House Clearing

"Thank you for clearing our home and property. The whole atmosphere of the house and property has changed from gloomy to light filled. The mysterious illness that was making my husband deathly ill disappear completely a few day after the clearing. Thank you again. You have truly saved my husband and our farm." 

Blessing DG

"Just a note to say with great appreciation, thanks you so much!  It been 6 months now and not one thing out of place, the children sleep without nightmares and the smell of death does not occur. Thank you for taking the time in our home and then teaching us how to keep it clear. We feel empowered and in control of the spiritual part of our home. This is what freedom feels like," Kathy AU

"I am an older women raised in Christian home. I had no idea what was happening in my home and then I met you at the church and after we talk. You came with the pastor, who blessed my home, after you cleared it of all the strange energy that wrote disgusting thing on my wall. I am so grateful to God who sent you and I feel safe and secure in my home once more." The little lady from T.O. Canada

Before you have a spiritual or energetic home inspection done.

 The purpose of the restoration is to bring all to peace and tranquility. It allows the people who own and inhabit the space now, to enjoy its benefits without geographical, Spiritual, or energetic, interference, from the past history of the property and its buildings.


We shape our dwellings,

and afterwards our dwellings

shape us.”

-Winston Churchill


“ A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience.”

- Sydney Smith

Sample Blessing


The blessing that is over this home

I speak to the winds to the north, the south, the east; the west and in the name of  GOD, I see a blessing come

Joy, peace and unconditional love, now are residences within this home

This home is now a sanctuary, a haven of the GOD’s peace and hope and prosperity.

There are now called blessed, fortunate, prospers.

The GOD’s seal is on this home a protector who does not seep or slumber.

Favor flow with all being for the inheritance of this home, even enemy come to peace with them.

The work of their hand and the labor of their heart are blessed.

All that was meant for evil turn in to a true blessing for those that inhabit this home.

As the YWHW/ Yahweh is honor more and more, abounding blessing will flow over land inhabitants and home.

Every one that visits this home will leave blessed, as long as their purpose is TRUE LIGHT.

This is so, this is so, this is so.



I speak a final cleansing from the sky to the deep places underground; that this place now be seen as a place of blessing and hope.

I now seal this property and all it buildings with the seal of Light and Love from the One True God.

I speak joy and laughter, health and wellness, and prosperity to the owners and inhabitants of this property.

So be it, so be it, so be it.

As it is written let it be done

In the name of the Uncreated One, the One True God.



What is a House Clearing?

The process of clearing a home of all spiritual and energy intrusion that do not function for the highest good of the individuals present

How long does it take?

The total time is about 2 weeks. The time I need to be on the property varies, it generally is about 2 hours for the walk through and sealing and blessing.

How can I tell the difference between a cold spot and temperature differences in my house? 

A.  A cold spot creates a deep down bone chilliness with a feeling of foreboding or apprehension.

Does the inability to sleep and rest mean that there is a spirit (ghost) in my home?

A. No, There are many reasons that you are may not be able to sleep or rest in your home.  Usually of there is spirit involvement you will experience weird or nightmarish dreams of a presence in the room.

 What about the spot on the wall, ceiling or floor that keeps coming back after I clean it?

A.  Sometimes this can mean that there is a spiritual issue in the home or some form of environmental cause. 

Is there any reason for me to be falling asleep in my office at home continually.

One of the reasons could be that there are environmental factors causing you to feel lethargic. Also the energy of the space is set more as a bedroom for sleeping than and office for working.

I have not been able to sell my house.  Would a clearing help?

Most likely.  You can give it a go.  Payment for the service is only expected after the sale of the house.

How do i get started?


Sign- up for a FREE “get acquainted” meeting

1. Meet in person or online to:

a. Get acquainted

b. Discuss needs 

c. Agree on a plan

d. Commit to a payment, after the sale of property

2. The work will be initiated and completed within 7 days

3. Initiate advertising for sale of property